Wild-Catch Fishing Bot – World of Warcraft

Wild-Catch Fishing Bot

Wild-Catch Fishing BotWild-Catch Fishing Bot is a newish fishbot for World of Warcraft. It accurately fishes in a single spot for an extended period of time and can be made to work manually or automatically. It also includes the ability to fish in the background, leaving your computer open to do other tasks. It will pause when you’re typing a message in-game and shuts down if your character dies.

Wild-Catch Fishing Bot Features

  • Supports both 32 and 64 bit clients
  • Full background mode supported
  • Completely external and safe to use
  • Fully customizable with flexible settings
  • Automatic anti-AFK flagging system
  • Smart and adaptive AI system
  • Offsets automatically updated online
  • Zero additional software required
  • Revolutionary new user experience
  • Free for the duration of the beta

Wild-Catch Fishing Bot Download

 Virus Total -

Most people do not realize how time consuming leveling fishing can be. Back when I offered leveling services for World of Warcraft, we offered hand leveling only services. This was actually the most despised leveling of all the different services we offered. If only we had the Wild-Catch Fishing Bot... and the players consent to use it.

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