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WoD-Crafting-Spreadsheet-profitsThe WoD Crafting Spreadsheet was created to include every single craftable item within Warlords of Draenor. No more guessing to see if whatever you want to craft is going to make you money, simply tab out, add the information required easily (uses WoWuction data), and know exactly how much profit you are going to make - or even if it's going to be a loss.

WoD Crafting Spreadsheet Instructions

The WoD Crafting Spreadsheet usage is very simple, you just have to download a txt file for your own realm's auction house, from here : WoW Auction House Online Tool 

Go to Resources -> Data Export -> Login with Facebook / Google and you just have to click on the " Get tab delimited data export for ... "


Now open the WoD-Crafting-Spreadsheet XLSX that I uploaded (see below for link), click on the "Silvermoon" submenu, click on the A1 cell and press CTRL+A and just delete everything.

Now open the txt file you just downloaded from wowuction, CTRL+A again and just copy the whole txt, now back in the WoD Crafting Spreadsheet, and click on the A1 cell and just paste it in. With this you updated the prices in the whole document.

This is how its should look after you pasted in the info into the WoD Crafting Spreadsheet.

In the " work order " submenu I divided the amount with four, because after each work order I'm receiving 4 profession specific materials.

I think this is all that's required to be able to use it perfectly. If I have missed anything or you have any question or tips feel free to do it in the comments.

Download WoD Crafting Spreadsheet
- Click Here -

Tip: Don't have Excel? Download OpenOffice and run it for free.

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