World of Warcraft: Brewfest Ram as flight path mount, glitch

This will allow you to use your Brewfest mount, as a flight path mount. Take a flight path, and fly with your brew fest mount, instead of the regular mount. It's a great way to show off, and fool your friends thinking you have a new flying mount - you do! and only you know how to get it!

Follow these steps, to get your Brewfest mount, a little longer...

  1. Click the macro below, when you're on a brewfest mount.
  2. Log off.
  3. Log back in.
  4. Dismount, you will still be mounted on the brewfest mount, but with an extra 4 minutes.

To use as a flight path mount...

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The macro is:

/run local m,r,g,b,t="Exploit Activated","ff","00","00",tonumber RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidWarningFrame,m*,{r=t("0x"..r), g=t("0x"..g), b=t("0x"..b)}); PlaySound("RaidWarning")
/run AcceptBattlefieldPort(1,1);

I tried this and it worked 3.3.5. I thought to myself; 'I wonder what will happen if I tried it on the flight path!' and so I did! And to my suprise, it worked!! But the flight path is extremely slow, but oh well lol. It can be fun to watch, and fun for others to watch also.

How to do on a flight path (see below for video)...

  1. Click the macro below, when you're on a brewfest mount.
  2. Goto Flight Path - it's ok to dismount to get there.
  3. Grab Flightpath anywhere with lots of people.
  4. Log off.
  5. Log back in.
  6. You will now be on a Brewfest SLOW Flight Path Mount.

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