World of Warcraft: Disable WoW API Protection Checks


Disables the WoW API protection checks in order to allow arbitrary Lua code execution.

Unlike previous similar tools, this tool makes zero modifications or 'hooks' to WoW that can be detected by Warden in its current form. Unless I've overlooked something (which I'm certain I haven't), in order for this to be detected the Warden dev would have to add a brand new feature to Warden to detect the special type of hook I'm utilizing. Lets be honest, the Warden guy is ridiculously lazy, so this should be safe for quite some time. However, I obviously can't guarantee anything, so as always, you use this at your own risk.

If you're wondering why I chose such a stupid name, it's because I'm lazy and unimaginative, and the hack was designed to be 'stealthy' like a ninja. One small issue is with the way a couple of Lua functions are implemented. Whilst pretty much all Lua functions use the same function to do the protection check, a couple have 'inlined' it (meaning rather than call the function they have duplicated the functionality). There are only a couple, and from memory they're only some very new and very limited use APIs, however if you find one, please let me know and I'll see what I can do about fixing it in the next version.

Extract the hack to anywhere you see fit and choose one of the following:
1-To inject via window name, run the "Window.bat" script.
2-To inject via process id, run the "Pid.bat" script, after modifying it to change the '--pid="1234"' in the command line to use the process id of your choice.
3-To inject via launching the process with the loader, run "Launch.bat" after modifying the script to use the path to your copy of WoW.

Assuming all goes well and the loader gives no errors, you should be able to run any Lua script you want without restriction.

This does NOT require you to wrap your calls in any special function, you just write Lua the same way you normally would, except that protected functions should now be available. It should work anywhere (in the console, in addons, in macros, etc).

WoW v3.2.2a
Bug fix to version detection code.

WoW PTR Build 10676
First release, needs testing.

WoW v3.1.3
First release, needs testing.

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