World of Warcraft: Get under Stormwind

You start at the SW bank facing away, and go forwards past the fountain in front of the bank. Then you will see a hallway to your left. Don't go in, instead look at the torches on the side of the entrance to the hall. Get on the closest box and jump on top of the torch - or - stand parallel to the wall with the torch and run and jump at the torch.

This might take a few tries. Soon you will 'clip' on to the wall and will be able to stand on the air next to the torch. Jump again and onto the torch.

Then jump onto the ledge on the castle wall and walk until you fall through.  You are now under Stormwind and free to explore.

If you head North West, you will be able to get on top of the mountain range.  However there really isn't much to see or do.  I was thinking that this might be a good way for a mid level say 60-70, get the Horde achievement, for killing the leader, but am not sure if you would be too far away or not, even if you were under the throne room.

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