World of Warcraft Guide: Pit Lord Argaloth

Pit Lord Argaloth is the first and only boss currently in Baradin Hold. Where whichever faction controls Tol Barad has access to this boss. This is similar to Vault of Archavon (VOA) from WLK.  This is a pretty easy fight, as long as you follow the instructions.

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Split your raid into two equally-sized groups, one on each side of the boss. You can use the metal grid on the floor to align the groups. Every time Argaloth casts Meteor Slash, you want the tanks to switch. Half of your raid being stacked will help minimize the damage, and the tank rotation will make sure that nobody eats a second Meteor Slash while the increased Fire damage debuff is still on. Consuming Darkness is a fairly nasty DoT that should be removed as quickly as possible.

At 66% and 33% Argaloth will start channeling Fel Firestorm. Simply run around (individually, not as a group) without stopping for the duration of the spell, making sure you are back near your assigned position when it's over.

The 5-minute Berserk timer requires each one of your 6 DPS to pull about 10k on average.  This fight is basically a DPS check with fairly easy mechanics.  This is definitely pug worthy as long as you have DPS that can put out the required amount of damage.

Both 10 man and 25 man drop the same loot.  Make sure you're doing this every week so you can get awesome PvE and PvP gear!

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