World of Warcraft: Horde Only – Become invincible to NPC’s

Note: This is an unconfirmed exploit and needs testing to tell us whether or not this works.

First, you need the quest The Plains of Nasam, which is when you pilot a demolisher and go kill undead, available to all Horde players. When you accept the quest and hop in one of the demolishers, you will receive a buff - called Siege Tank Control.

Upon exiting the demolisher you lose the buff immediately.  The objective here is to have the buff without being in a demolisher. These demolishers are unique in the sense that you can't re-enter them once you've exited them (you can, but they despawn), and that is how we're going to steal this buff. It may take a few tries (they are infinitely re-spawning).  When you get in a demolisher, click the leave vehicle button then wait 2-3 seconds and right click the same demolisher to attempt to re-enter it. If you did it right, the demolish should despawn while you are in the jumping animation to get on, and you should land on your feet with the buff still on you.

As long as you maintain this buff, NPC's can't attack or target you.  However you can still attack others players.

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