WoW: Kelsie fishbot

Name: Kelsie
Version: 1.8.24
OS: Any Windows OS
Download .Net: 4.0


Kelsie is a fishbot I created in my attempt to move from AutoIt to C#. I implemented my AutoIt coded CyberFish into what you see now. Its straightforward and simple. Here is what you need to do to use Kelsie.

WoW Client Setup:

1. Equip your fishing pole

Kelsie Setup:

Duration: Enter how long you want to fish for (in minutes)
Cast Pause: Enter an extra pause (in milliseconds) before next cast, if needed for lag.
Keyless: Check this to use keyless interacting (currently disabled)
Take Breaks: Check this to have Kelsie randomly take breaks from fishing (makes you look a little more real!)
Get PID: Click this to load the process ID's of all the Wow.exe instances you are running (for multiple accounts on one computer). (untested)
PID Combo: Leave blank for Kelsie to select the first one it finds or specifically select a PID to use with Kelsie. (untested)
Start: Click this to start Kelsie
Stop: Click this to stop Kelsie

To do:

- Implement lures
- Implement auto-equip fishing pole
- Implement teleport detection (testing)
- Implement whisper detection

Known Issues:
- Kelsie does not switch your keybindings back, but the change is temporary. Just go into your keybindings in WoW then click the "Cancel" button and all should be well!
- Will find false bites when WoW is minimized
- May close when WoW is minimized

- Should work with any Windows OS. Works on my Win XP Home 32bit and Win XP Pro 64bit.

4 Responses to WoW: Kelsie fishbot

  1. Bobby says:

    Using Vista 32 with the beta of .net 4 but cant even get Kelsie to load. The previous Kelsie loaded, but just couldnt get to work but this version won’t start up.

  2. Bobby says:

    ok…rolled back to .Net 4 and i can get it to load but crashes while saying “Initializing Kelsie Plugin…”

  3. Spitt says:

    The author is working on making it compatible with Vista/Win 7. Does work on Win XP.

  4. Spitt says:

    Updated to latest version, for members.

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