World of Warcraft: Make 20k in 5 hours with Inscription

Prices of Cataclysm herbs have been incredibly low on some realms. Less players are selling inks, making the prices rise. This creates ways to make lots of gold, especially with Inscription.

20k Catacalysmic Gold Guide

As a Scribe I have taken advantage of the low prices by milling the herbs and creating Blackfallow Inks and Inferno Inks, which I then sell as they are to people that don't want to spend time milling herbs.

There's nice profit to be had this way if the flower prices are low enough. I invested about 6500g into Cinderbloom stacks some days ago, each costing only 13-16g.

I then sold the Blackfallow Inks for 15-20g each, depending on stack size and Inferno Inks 66g each. I profited about 22,000g from all of them in about 3 hours.

I had boatloads of Blackfallows so I turned majority of them into Inferno Inks instead via the Ink trader in your local Inscription shop, even though they sell for way less than Blackfallow stacks. But they do seem to sell faster than overpriced Fallows.

Someone might create Darkmoon Cards and Fortune Cards instead, but their prices have dropped a lot and one Darkmoon card costs about 800g to make, yet most Cards are worth only 200-600g and only a few are worth 4000g so there's a risk involved. You also have to wait for the next Darkmoon to make gold if you want to sell trinkets and not invidual cards. I chose the safe way and sold the Inks instead.

Here's a macro you can use, to make the milling much easier;

/cast Milling
/use Cinderbloom
/use Stormvine
/use Whiptail

(Add whatever herbs you are milling)

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