World of Warcraft: MMOGlider Replacement, level 1-80, farm, honor, gather, more

Everybody has been wonder what the next big bot would be to replace MMOGlider.  Unfortunately, MMOGlider is stuck in a loop of misery with the lawsuit results from early 2009, Mercury can't even work without losing money.  Anything he does or earns, beyond the money he needs to live on goes to Blizzard.  Can I feel sorry for him? Not really.  He was first given a Cease and Desist order, which he probably could have kept the millions he earned off of Glider.  Had he instead done the cowardly thing, and simply moved out of the country, or sold off his venture to a company that can't be sued for selling a WoW bot, then all would have been ok. Instead he chose to fire back at Blizzard, and take them to court - and lost.

So that left a hole open for a while, and now, there's something to fill in the vacancy, a new bot that works like a charm and already has 1-80 leveling profiles for both factions.  Future releases hope to have quest leveling and PvP farming.

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