2 Responses to World of Warcraft: RMT here today, done tomorrow

  1. WoWPlayer says:

    There’s no such thing as a “legit” WoW powerleveling service. Read their ToS. Blizzard make it perfectly clear that ANY form of account sharing, powerleveling etc will result in the affected account being banned. So your reputation as a so-called “legit” powerleveling company can’t get any worse in the eyes of any canny WoW player, since in violating the ToS and effectively enabling cheating you’re right down there with the Chinese gold farmers already.

  2. Spitt says:

    In the eyes of Blizzard, no one, except Blizzard is Legit. While you may not know this, they originally attacked both Joana and Brian Kopp, for providing leveling guides. They forced Ebay to take them down, and caused them to goto court to have the rights to sell the guides. Thanks to those two, Dugi and Zygor, are allowed to sell theirs too… but had it gone a different way, Blizzard would have called them not legit too.

    As for the affected account being banned… 1.5 years ago, was the last ban. Technically speaking however, you can relinquish the rights to your account, and transfer the software after removing it from your computer… and yet, Blizzard has decided this is against the rules too… even though it says you can do this in their EULA/TOS. Go figure.

    We are legit, in that we are not account hackers, scammers, etc. We do NOT advertise in game. We are as legit, as I can make it.

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