World of Warcraft: Skip to the last boss mob

Here's a trick in Old Kingdom to get your group to the last boss, quickly.

You'll have to clear 3 trash mobs on your way, and then the 3 elites before the last boss.

  • Start here

  • Kill the front guards and move up here

  • You'll want to head over to this spot, there will be two packs of mobs you'll have to clear.

  • Once you get there jump up this ledge and head round the corner, it's best to slow walk as it is deceptively hard

  • Once up, keep heading around

  • Now jump to the circle, but hug the wall as you do so.Ā  You can turn on fast walking/running now.

  • Head around this area and it will bring you to here

  • Head along the ledge here, hugging the wall

  • Move around the third Boss's platform and jump onto the gate here

  • Move along here and jump down

  • Around the corner and your group is almost there

  • Jump down and you're on the last ledge, turn on slow walking again.

  • Run across when the mobs part away, and you're there

Enjoy šŸ™‚

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