World of Warcraft: Ultimate Fishing Spot in Cataclysm

I hate fishing. I leveled up my rogue, pre-Cataclysm 1-450 in a few days. It's boring, makes me want to fall asleep. However, with the release of Cataclysm, some very profitable fishing locations have opened up. Ones which can take away some of the boredom by interrupting with mob attacks. There is a location, which will gain you many Highland Guppies and Volatile Fires, which can make you upto 1000 gold an hour.

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Highland Guppies, can go for anywhere from 125-150 gold a stack. Volatile Fires, can go for as much as 150 gold a stack of 10, as well. In a few hours, you can easily gain several stacks of each, making this the ultimate fishing spot.

Tip: If you don't mind the risk, use a Fish Bot, to fish for you.

What you want to do, is fish in either Mount Hyjal or Twilight Highlands. Find Pools of Fire and fish out of those. Each pool, you will gain 2-8 Volatile Fires, as well as a ton of Highland Guppies.

Keep in mind, there are a few mobs which will roam nearby, and might attack you. It's recommended you either use a level 85 to fight them off, or a class which can stealth up, and wait for them to pass. The mobs will also drop Volatile Fires, which makes this fishing spot, so spectacular.

Tip: Use fishing addons, to auto-add lures, and keep track of your fish-per-hour in each spot.

Mount Hyjal Volatile Fire Fishing Spots

Mount Hyjal Fishing Spots

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Twilight Highlands Volatile Fire Fishing Spots

Twilight Highlands Fishing Map

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