What I want to see in WoW

As some of you may already know, Cataclysm, the next expansion for WoW, is bringing in Archaeology (allows the player to unlock new abilities and rewards by discovering ancient treasures throughout the world) and Reforging (lets you reduce one stat for another).  While all this sounds interesting, it's still missing what I have wanted in the game, since the game was released... and all the other cool things which could be added as a result of some of them.

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What I want to see in WoW

I want to see the following things in World of Warcraft, hopefully in the next expansion... or even sooner?

  1. Alignment system: If you attack someone 5 or more levels below you, you get rated as evil... to some extent. More low level kills = more evil. Good players, only kill evil players.  How evil or good you are, will swing merchants or guards in or out of your favor.  Alignment slowly goes back to neutral over the course of a month, if the character abstains from killing lower level peeps or doesn't play the character.   Imagine getting so evil, your own faction guards start hunting you, or the merchants make you pay full price, even tho you have reputation lowering rates, of course the opposite happens to Good players, but then there are good and evil merchants as well.  Maybe a special reward for being really good or really evil, or even bonuses to stats, healing, etc.
  2. Bounty system: Used for killing very evil or good peeps.  Killing a peep with a bounty on their head, raises your standing with the opposite alignment of the bounty player, and lowers theirs with their own alignment.  So  very evil player who gets defeated, become less evil, or vice-versa.  Rewards for the bounty could be something like badges or gold, along with alignment rep rewards.
  3. Player housing: I would like to use trophies or even old gear, to decorate my own house or even an apartment.  I know there isn't really room in WoW to actually have player houses, however each innkeeper could port us to our own "house" where we can also have passwords on them to allow others in or not inside them.  Could also have the ability to expand them for guild halls.  Houses and Halls, to be expanded all have a higher monthly rent.  If not paid, it reduces in size to non-expanded and then all items in the expansion, get put in the mail sent to you.
  4. Crafting - Dyes: Allow us to color our armor.  I am sure now that most Scribers (inscription) have found their skill to be a fairly useless skill, after they have all their characters' inscriptions done. I would love to be able to make dyes, and then be able to dye people's armor.  Allow them to select the main and off color's of the armors. How many people would love to get rid of their mismatched armor colors.  Add in a bonus, allow the scribes to mix colors to get different shades.  It means we would only need 5 colors total (red, yellow, blue, black, white) to create more exotic colors.
  5. Crafting - Woodworking: Why is it blacksmiths make bullets and engineers make arrows.  Shouldn't we have woodworking make arrows - and bows, crossbows, staves, shields, fishing poles, wood stock, and other things which could be used by engineers, blacksmiths, and scribes (wood pulp makes paper)?  I am sure they could make other things as well for other skills too.  Heck, with player housing, they could make chairs, benches, tables, etc.
  6. Dual Class: Be able to play a priest/warrior.  No, not a paladin.  I am talking about allowing my character to have an off class as well.  Have the main character say the priest, be able to use all the priest spells and only wear cloth, but be able to have some (but not all) of the warrior abilities as well.  This would add a new definition to PvP, and not make people feel so constrained.  Of course the down side of the dual class, would be not being able to have master class abilities.

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What I want to see in WoW - C'Mon Blizzard...

Come on Blizz, get off your arse and add some things players want for a change! I know for a fact that I am not the only one interested in these things.  If I were then these things wouldn't be available in other games - yes, you heard me folks, many of these ideas come from other games, they aren't new, but they are loved by the players of those games.

I think the first player housing came from Ultima Online.  I first saw it back in 2002 in Asheron's Call.  It was taken to a new art form in StarWars Galaxies.  Dual-Class, I first saw in Runes of Magic, but it's probably been in other games.  Woodworking is also one I saw in Runes of Magic, but I remember gathering wood in Vanguard.  Dyes... all over the place.  We had it in Asheron's Call, saw the mixing ability in GuildWars.  Player Bounty, show yourself to be a Jedi in front of any npc, and have a bounty on your head.  Alignment system... that one goes back to the days of Dungeons and Dragons, but I first saw it in an MMO... I think back in 1990... in an AOL MMO.  None of this stuff is new, but these are some great features of MMO's that are missing from WoW.

What I want to see in WoW - Motorcycles? Really?

By the way, why the heck can engineers make motorcycles, but can't make gun-turrets, like in Warhammer?  Heck, in a fantasy game, why do we even have motorcycles?  And while I am on the annoyances, Age of Conan as a game I didn't really like.  But one feature I loved, was being able to see what was in front of my character, without having to zoom in to first person, when running through some bushes.  AoC actually cleared that crap away in a bubble when looking at the toon.  Great feature!

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