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This is actually an older tool, I had found when WoW was first released, but it was up on the older forums as being a useful tool, and wasn't listed on this newer site. I was remembering it, when we reported on that WoW Render program, which is still in beta. WoW Mapper, has this great ability to generate any map, even mini-dungeons, and to save them as jpg or bmp. The program itself, is in French, but it shouldn't take you more then a few moments to figure out how to use it. The maps themselves will be labeled in English. A quick rundown...

  1. Open WoWMapper.exe
  2. Click the "initialisation" tab at the top.
  3. If you see your proper WoW installation directory, then skip to next step, otherwise enter the proper directory.
  4. Click the button "Initialiser"
  5. Select a map on the right, you want to view.
  6. Click the button "Generer carte (preview)
  7. On the "Preview et Rendu" tab, highlight the section you want to export, by dragging a rectangle around the image.
  8. On the right, choose the resolution (default is 64 px), 16 px is low rez, 256 px is high rez.
  9. Now, top right, click "Rendu"
  10. Choose the name to save as, and and choose bmp or jpg, for quality (bmp is higher quality, but larger file sizes)
  11. Click Save

You can now view or edit the image within your favorite image editing or previewing program. The image will be in the directory where the program files are, by default.

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