WoW: $5 Battle Chest Anytime

There are a couple promo codes out there, which will not only give you a free WoW account, but to also get you the Battle Chest for only $5, anytime you want it. I even tested it on my own account to verify it works… which it did!

The first code, will get you the Basic WoW Starter Account. It’s nothing special, but if you have a WoW account already you can use it to get WoW on your account. The second code will allow you to purchase the Battle Chest which includes the full version of Vanilla WoW, Burning Crusades, and Wrath of the Lich King for $5. Obviously You will want to goto Amazon to purchase Cataclysm ($17.50) and Mists of Pandaria ($29.99), since they are $10 cheaper then Blizz’ store.

This content is for members only.If you need gold or powerleveling, just remember to get it over at, our sister site.



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