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If you remember the old game hack, which allowed you to change models in WoW, then you might remember the old one, which either allowed you to build a campfire, and build the AQ stairs (one of my favorites), or remove the AQ stairs from the instance, like in this video..

If you are reminiscing of yesteryear, and want to revisit this instance, then you can do it with this new model edit, by schlumpf.

Save as patch-x, where x is a number from 0-9, and place in your Data folder.

This will remove the stairs, like in the video.  Just use the video to know where to go, and bring a healing friend along.

2 Responses to WoW: AQ Model Edit

  1. King_Yoshi says:

    This post just made my day!

    My only question is how do I get into wow once the modded data is installed? WoW seems to now scan for additional mpq files, and scans the originals for integrity.

  2. Spitt says:

    Some are allowed, and some are outright blocked. Afaik, this one is not on the block list.

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