WoW: Blizzard Store exploit/scam

As some of you already know, Blizzard has introduced another thing you can buy outside the game, in Blizzard's Game Store. In this case, its in the form of 2 non-combat pets.  They cannot be bought only from the store, and are not available in-game as quest rewards.  There are also some plushies. art cards, and figurines.

I have already written how the game is turning more and more into a cross between free2play and pay2play, and am against it.  I pay my $15 a month, why should I have to buy more things, shouldn't anything I want, be available in the game?


Back to the topic, what's the exploit/scam you ask...

If you paid for access, and did not get access, please refresh the page 1-2 times.