WoW Class Exploits July 2017 – You can do them too

Here's a small collection of 10 WoW Class Exploits July 2017 WoW Class Exploits July 2017which are currently working - and now public. As such, to see this post, all you need to do is share to social media and you will be able to see each of the class exploits.

WoW Class Exploits July 2017 Main Features

  1. Shadow Priest lo-hi switch. Cast SW:P on hi-level target and mind blast/void bolt on lo-level target with psychic link enabled. Wackiness ensues.
  2. Death Knight knockback. It is possible standing in exactly the right location to pull a player over a precipe - there's a special trick to it.
  3. Monk weapon switch glitch. Increase Touch Of Death damage by temporarily increasing your HP though weapon switching.
  4. Affliction Warlock regenerative health. Casting absolute corruption on a target with infinite health (eg sturdy love fool and turnip punch bag) creates very powerful in-world soul leech shielding and healing. 

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WoW Class Exploits July 2017

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