WoW Doc Raid Rotations – All Classes

WoW Doc Raid Rotations - All ClassesIf you haven't heard about WoW Doc Raid Rotations, let me share with you what these are. Rotations are a bit like an advanced macro, that rotates through the different spells and abilities you will need for your class spec, within a raid. Note that these are Raid only rotations.

These WoW Doc Raid Rotations do not cast the spells for you, you need to manually press a button. Unlike previous rotation bots, there is no automation,  all you need to do (once its set up), is click.

WoW Doc Raid Rotations

I am fairly certain that Blizzard will not nerf these WOW Doc Raid Rotations, as there is no automation, other than to suggest a spell to cast or ability to use next. Of course that won't prevent you from automating it with an auto mouse clicker...

WoW Doc Raid Rotations instructions (source)

  1. Download Twitch App in order to get addons
  2. Install the Addon “Weakauras2” via the Twitch App or manually
  3. Launch world of warcraft and load the addon Weakauras2 (default)
  4. Press the buttons “New” followed by “import”
  5. In the black box which pops up, paste the script code which you downloaded below
  6. Now click “import”
  7. Close your weakauras2 console and target an attackable enemy
  8. Profit ?!?

WoW Doc Official Youtube Channel

Download WoW Doc Raid Rotations for All Classes

Updated on 18 Aug 2018 for WoW BfA 

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