WoW: Down any mob on Timeless Isle in mere seconds as caster

Last night after being up for a few hours, I found a shrine, then clicked it, which increased my Haste, Mastery, and Crit by 25% for 1 hour. I decided to try using the other abilities that drop, such as:


To my chagrin, I could burn through any mob on the timeless isle within mere seconds. Mind you I play a destruction warlock and as our current build suggests Hit>Crit>Haste>Master.  So this increased my high-end burst damage.


The buff I got was Chi-Ji’s Hope. It is one of four buffs you can get from interacting with a Time-Lost Shrine. There is actually a chance to get one of four buffs as well as a “loser” or rather no buff at all. The other buffs are;

These buffs, cannot be stacked with each other. If you touch another shrine, while your buff is still active, then you will exchange it for another buff (see above) or the Corruption of Ordos – loser buff. If someone else uses a shrine, it will be 10 minutes before you can use that same shrine. Same goes for it you get the “loser buff”.


If you’re a caster like me, find the shrine, and then grab the buff to take on anything or anyone down on Timeless Isle.

Is Warcraft Conquest for Real? 

World of Warcraft is a very complicated game. Since it was released in 2004, three separate expansion packs have been released containing hundreds of quests, dozens of instances, and plenty to do when you reach the level cap. So understandably there have been a lot of guides released to show players how to do all the things available in this game. Most of the guides focus on one of three things – gold making, leveling, or PVP. Many of them do it very well, but they don’t seem to cover everything with the same level of detail as they could.

So when I heard about Warcraft Conquest, produced by Max Lee, one of the founders of Warcraft Formula, I was very intrigued. This is a guy who has covered dozens of topics in World of Warcraft with an eye for detail that only an expert can have. So obviously this new guide is designed to be a very thorough look at almost every aspect of the game when you reach level 85. But, what does that mean?

7-epics-dailyAfter taking a look at the guide, I was surprised to find that Max covers almost every aspect of the game. He has a great starting set of videos that includes things like knowing your role, crowd control, race/class combinations, and using heirlooms to help you level up faster. He then goes on to cover each of the classes in the game, ways to make gold with both the auction house and farming, and how to get the most out of basic PVP strategies.

The real meat of this guide though is the endgame content. This means PVP guides for each of the classes, a growing collection of reputation videos, talent specializations for each class, tips for finding vanity items and the all-important legendary items, and a huge collection of videos going over everything you need in PVE to dominate high-level bosses and instances. Whether or not this guide is useful for you depends a lot on what you want to get out of World of Warcraft. However, regardless of your level or what you enjoy doing in this game, I recommend you at least try out Warcraft Conquest and see some of the great things you could be doing when you reach level 90.

Get more information on Warcraft Conquest.


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