WoW: Earn 250 Stone Keeper Shards a day!

Note: You MUST have the quest available (in other words, the NPC in Wintergrasp must have the "!" over his head)

1. Do 25 dailies, you must have all 25 dailies complete for this to work, but ***DO NOT DO ANY WINTERGRASP QUESTS****

2. Fly to Wintergrasp and relog or join a raid group and zone into VOA (or any instance if you don't control WG) then zone back out.

3. Pick up the quest "Slay them all!" that asks you to kill 10 opposite faction players or NPCs.

4. Finish the quest by killing 10 of the guards around wintergrasp and turn in the quest.

5. Re-Log or enter VOA (or any instance)again, then zone back out and voila! you should be able to pick up the "Slay them all!" quest again!

As long as you do NOT switch toons, exit the game completely for any extended period of time, complete a different quest, or switch raid groups you should be able to repeat this quest as many times as you like until the dailies reset overnight.

Remember to Logout and back in or zone into VOA (or any instance if you do not control WG) after each turn in or you wont be able to pick up the quest again.

This quest yields gold, 3000+ honor and 10 stone keeper shards per turn in.

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