WoW Emulator Cheater

So I was checking out a WoW Emulator to play on and realized how nice it would be to have an edge, and then I found WoW Emulator Cheater. WoW Emulator Cheater is similar to the old Bubba's Warcraft Hack, except that it's out of the game.

I have to admit, I was thinking how much I missed the original Vanilla WoW. I miss leveling really slow, being broke, and being killed constantly while running around as a noob. OK, well maybe I don't miss it that much, but I miss the idea of Vanilla WoW. Sadly enough, my wife misses playing in old Stranglethorn Vale as well. 

WoW Emulator Cheater

So like I said, I found WoW Emulator Cheater. WoW Emulator Cheater is a cheat tool which works with a lot of different versions of WoW - but won't work on official servers. It should be noted that because some emulated servers do have some anti-cheat softwares installed, this WoW Emulator Cheater won't work on those servers.

WoW Emulator Cheater

Now the nice this about this WoW Emulator Cheater, is that in the Admin panel it has information on many realms, if it detects the realm you're playing on, it'll show you either a "safe to cheat" icon, or a "read me warning" about your specific realm, on your specific server. Keep in mind, it has most of the common servers in it, but not all of them.

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WoW Emulator Cheater

  • Works on Windows (95, 98, ME, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, etc ...)
  • Make sure you run as administrator!
  • Only works on 32bit versions of WoW.
  • See Image above for list of features.

Official Website (download latest version): Click Here | Virustotal

WoW Emulator Cheater

Teleport Locations Lists for WoW Emulator Cheater (includes Hitchhider's List, H-WoW List, WoW Plus List, BattleGrounds List...

Share your telelist cords on this thread so everyone can enjoy them.

How to load teleports lists to Wow Admin Panel:

1. Copy the list and save to txt file , run Wow Admin Panel
2. Go to 'Teleports', and at the bottom right click 'Load'
3. Type in the path to the file you just created and press 'OK'.

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