WoW: Farming Crocolisks for Gold

WoWGoldTipHigh level Mists of Pandaria Crocolisks offer 3 items that you should be interested in. Lower level crocolisks should be avoided. In this particular wow gold making tip we’ll be focusing on the Coldbite Crocolisks in Dread Wastes. They’re level 90, so make sure your toon is at the appropriate level.

crocolisk belly farming

Coldbite Crocolisk
Location: Dread Wastes

written by Kuja

Items you should expect to see:

Your main income will be from Raw Crocolisk Belly. On my realm they have been selling for 10-40g each for several months now, so this gold making tip has stood very profitable. If the price ever drops below 20, I will just flip them without worrying, as no one really farms crocolisks.

crocolisk farming

Dread Wastes
Coldbite Crocolisk spawn points

You’ll also get a nice amount of Harmony Motes. You can use these for anything, like buying Crocolisk Bellies from a vendor in Halfhill Market, if you convert the Spirit of Harmony into a cooking reward and grab a bag of them. The average price for a belly is 30g on my realm, and 40g for a Golden Lotus, so it’s more profitable for me to focus on bellies instead.

Additionally, there is a low chance to get High Quality Crocolisk Leather. It’s vendor junk, but sells for 9 wow gold.

I wouldn’t really use the bellies for anything. It’s better off to just sell them as they are.

The mobs itself are very easy to kill if you have a decent ilvl and more importantly self heals, so you can tackle even 4 at once. Their respawn times are quite fast too, so you’ll never have to wait around.

Oh noes! It’s underwater!
Most of these Crocolisks are underwater, so there’s no competition ever, unless someone is doing a non-daily quest. The pool is not deep though, so if you have ranged attacks, you don’t really need to swim much.

To speed things up literally, I would recommend to choose Speed King buff to help your watery grind with a double jump every 5 seconds.

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