WoW: Free AutoIt Battleground Honor Leach bot

This is a simple AutoIt script, which you will be able to use, to auto join battlegrounds with.  It does read memory, but it doesn't write to it (like most bots these days).
It uses simple memory reading and uses only the keyboard (it runs minimized without any problems) to run. As long as you don't make this an executable file, it should remain undetectable, as Blizzard will only see AutoIt running, not your BG Bot.

Before running the script, open the pvp window in WoW, select the battleground you want to leech from and close the frame, wow will remind your selection until you log off or /reloadui and will keep joining the same battleground.

Bind these macros:

F11: /script JoinBattlefield(0);
F12: /script AcceptBattlefieldPort(1,1);

You may edit the keys, if you need to, but remember to change it in the script as well.

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