WoW Gold Tip: Making a profit with Windwool Cloth

Buying Panda blues from the Auction House will make entering Pandaria easier. However, oft it’s easier and cheaper to create Windwool gear with your tailor. You can get your caster alts fully decked in rares and while at it, make a profit to boot!This content is for members only.

Windwool gear crafting

windwool-transmogThis works with blacksmithing and leatherworking too, but for this guide, we are focusing on Tailoring. Equippable Windwool items are level 85 cloth items with ilvl of 384. Not much gold to be made there, but when crafting one, it can proc a rare version of the item. These have ilvl of 415, which is a massive boost. People want these, not the green quality ones. If you don’t have a lot of competition on your realm, you have a great opportunity to make a nice amount of wow gold.

Slateskin Troublemaker (Drops Skyshards too!)You need 525 tailoring before you can create these. They all need 3-5 x  Bolt of Windwool Cloth to make. A single bolt needs 5 x  Windwool Cloth, which usually costs about 30 gold a stack. That means you can make one item with a stack. If it procs a rare version, you can sell it for even 500 gold if it has nice stats for leveling. That’s instant 470g profit!

If you get the green version and someone is already selling lots of them, it’s usually profitable to disenchant the, instead. Before making anything, see if anyone else is selling the same item. Usually there’s no rare Hoods, Pants or Tunics for sale, so those are a good bet.

To see a list of these items, go here:

Windwool Cloth Farming

If Windwool is too expensive on your realm, you should farm it yourself! Almost every mob in Pandaria drops cloth, so there’s plenty of places to try out. However, these mobs are my personal favorites when it comes to farming Windwool, though there’s rarely need to kill a thing.

This content is for members only.


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