WoW Gold Tip – Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

If you like WoW Gold, then you're going to love this WoW Gold Tip about the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. Recently, as you probably already know, WoW had a significant update. But since most of you probably don't read the patch notes, you might not have already noticed a significant change.

WoW Gold Tip - Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

WoW Gold Tip - Thundering Ruby Cloud SerpentThe Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent, has had a significant change, which any gold farmer is going to love. It no longer requires any sort of reputation to use the reins to learn it.

This Serpent mount is a guaranteed drop from Alani <The Stormborn>, who roams the skies of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. However killing her is not as simple as it may seem; to attack her you must first have collected and fused ten Sky Crystals, which are extremely rare loot from the denizens of the Vale.

WoW Gold Tip: Farm this beast and sell it on AH quickly, before the WoW gold prices dip.

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