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A friend recently turned me onto random dungeons, as I told him I was getting a bit tired of WoW.  I have been playing since the stress tests on the servers, which was pre-release. So imagine my surprise, to actually enjoy doing these things.  Since it’s a random group, I am not embarrassed to admit to them, I never ran the dungeon before, and overall, a good group tends to ensue.  Of course like any good group, you need a dedicated healer, and a tank which can pull aggro… Now when I say pull aggro, I really mean it, because lately, I have found I was pulling the boss mobs on me, and stealing the aggro with my dps.  I was always under the assumption that the tank would do the heavy damage and the dps’ would trail much farther behind.  Imagine my surprise at not once, but quite a few times in the last few days, of having the boss mobs come after my cloth wearing arse.  You see, I am a priest.  Well a shadow priest to be more exact, and I have been doing random dungeons to get better gear for leveling.  It’s worked out rather well, as I now have only 1-2 green pieces left.  Back to the issue I wanted to discuss though, as I am going off tangent…. DPS.  Today I installed a DPS meter, as I wanted to get a clearer picture of how much damage I have been doing.  It turns out, I am pulling anywhere from 25% to 35% of the damage in a 5 man Northrend dungeon.  The tank actually complained to me today, and asked me to turn off my aggro, and give it to him.  I suppose he was getting frustrated, and I can see why.  At the time of his complaint, I was doing 2% more damage then him.  I know in the scheme of things, that 2% really isn’t much, but it does show you that a shadow priest is a viable option for any raid or dungeon.

Now I also mentioned needing a good healer.  A few times – more then I care to count, I have had to throw off my shadow form, and help the healer.  In one of the fights the healer was down to 10% health, and had I not stepped in, we might have wiped.  At other times, I will throw a Power Word: Shield, on a party member, knowing that the extra little oomph – and the bonus to healing mine does thanks to a glyph, is usually enough to save another dps or tank.

So whats my preferences? For DPS, I don’t really worry about what the other guys are, though I do like having one DPS, which does not rely on mana, so that could be a rogue or DK.  The other 1 doesn’t matter.  My favorite healer is a shaman.  Overall, the shaman seems so far to heal the best, plus they can take damage.  I have not really gotten the option to see a paladin heal yet. The priest actually seems a bit week (had to step in a few times to help).  The druid is so-so.  They can be good or bad, depending on the person.  Another reason I like the shaman, is the mana well.  I don’t know how many readers know this, but as a shadow priest, I heal about 10% of the total healing in a party, and this is a buffer for the other healers.  I do this by using my shadow damage, and giving back a percentage to the party.  Add in the mana well, and I have to take breaks less often, to recharge the mana, so it tends to work out rather well.

So far, I think we have had the best luck with warriors as tanks, but unless they have ever played a mana class, they can actually be worse for the group.  We had one tank which would charge in to fight constantly, without waiting to check the mana of the healers and other party members.  A wipe later, we did much better when I told him to not just go charging in.  So training is essential, but so is respect for your other party members.  A tank is nothing without the healer.  To be fair however, not knowing the end boss in a fight, another dps and I, were outside the golden circle, when a web wall came up on the final boss.  I got to see a tank, healer, and 1 dps take out a giant beetle.  A 5 man boss was taken down with 3.

So whats your favorite 5 man crew for taking down dungeons and boss mobs? Which classes and specs do you prefer?


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  1. Crash says:

    I’ll start out by saying I’m new to this site. Upon reading this and taking note of the date I hope this is a poor attempt at an April fools joke, which IMO takes this sites credibility down, as I don’t really find it funny. If it isn’t a prank, I suggest you remove it immediately because for anyone to say they’ve been playing a game for over 4 years and then display a complete lack of competence of any of the common terms or systems from that game… well I’ll say this, I won’t be back to this site!

  2. Spitt says:

    Sad isn’t it, lol. I never played in a raid guild. I never up until a week ago, even did any dungeons beyond WC, SFK, and DM, which are all vanilla WoW. When it comes to TBC and WLK dungeons, I never did them, so yes, I lack the terms and competence. When it comes to leveling, questing, and PVP – that’s another story. This is why I have been starting doing PvE with random dungeons – my lack of knowledge.

    So since you know more then me, explain it.

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