Sep 142013

If people want to get to the other side in Timeless Isle, but don’t have the cape which allows them easy passage to Ordon. There are a number of ways to get there. The first way is shown in this video:


Now an enterprising person or 2, have done some other ways, which involve coin.


To gain gold, do the following;

Whisper people on the other side, and ask them if they need a hand (many of which do). Set your price, 500g-1000g is good, and people are more than willing to pay when you tell them what loot the Blazing Chest contains as we don’t all have cloaks/gliders/slow fall spells, so people will pay for whichever way.

Method 1: Stand on the other side of the bridge as a Priest, grouped in a party, and then use Leap of Faith to grab the other party member(s) as they jump across the chasm.

Method 2: Get your cape, and then use a 2-seater flying mount to fly someone over. Since you have the cape, this will allow you to transport them over, even if they don’t have theirs.

Method 3: Summon them… Offer to make them the cloak, or ?

I’ve been making at least 6k an hour doing this on a very populated server.

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