WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact Cheat

Why post a WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact Cheat? Because of the potential to abuse is astronomical, and we're all about abusing games which deserve it - such as Blizzard's World of Warcraft. With this WoW Cheat for LEGION Alpha, you can get roughly 2000 artifact power in ~45 minutes.

WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact cheat

WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact exploitIf you're already in Alpha then this may come in handy. However it probably won't make it too far past Alpha to be useful for any of the Beta users. It could make it to Beta, but that will be up to all of you, not sharing it and posting it to Youtube or somewhere else where the masses can see it. As such, this is only for out VIP Members, as with any other Alpha or Beta WoW LEGION cheat, we come across.

You should know - if you don't already, that there is a cap to the amount of artifact power you can get. So this means that 2000 is your cap for this WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact cheat. However, there is no reason you can't continue farming the artifact power, so that should they increase the cap, your's is already ready to be raised. This means you can still keep looting the items (for when/if they unlock it) or spend it and have it added to your pool.

WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact cheat method


WoW Zygor for LEGION

Credit for the WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact cheat submission, goes to Bon-ded.

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