WoW Legion info via DragonCon 2015

Recently, some more WoW LEGION info via DragonCon 2015 was released to the public. Here's what they had to say about the new World of Warcraft LEGION expansion...

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Blizzard Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft was at hand during DragonCon and conducted a special World of Warcraft: Legion panel that had more more WoW LEGION info revealed that had not been heard before.

WoW Legion info via DragonCon 2015

LeCraft spoke some about Demon Hunters and included these new pieces of information:

  • will start at level 98
  • can use one-handed swords as well as glaives
  • metamorphosis is a short transformation, not continuous

WoW Legion info via DragonCon 2015

A few other interesting pieces of new information also came out:

  • the new wardrobe system is said to be something like that found in Diablo 3 and could end up becoming account-wide
  • void storage will not be increased but the wardrobe should ease space concerns
  • Illidan will be leading the Demon Hunters agains the Legion (DOH!)
  • dungeons will be more relevant than ever before
  • multistrike will be removed from the game
  • a major pet battle update will be coming in the first patch post-launch
  • "adventure mode" may be coming, but not ready to reveal anything yet
  • there's an entire team working on crafting
  • no more stage upgrades for crafted items, though only three crafted items can be worn at any given time
  • crafted items can be destroyed to get materials called "Obliterium" used for upgrades

Wowhead did a great job collecting all the Twitter posts and more so head to this link to check it all out.

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