WoW Leveling Cheat – Insta Respawn Monster

WoW Leveling Cheat - Insta Respawn lvl 110 MobIf you’re having some trouble leveling, then this WoW Leveling Cheat – Insta Respawn Monster will be a lifesaver. It can also be used to farm for gold, since you will be able to loot repeatedly, as fast as you can mow down the mobs. The creature we’ll be farming is going to be an Agonized Spirit.

You will be able to spawn as many of these creatures as you like, as many as you can take on at any given time. Alternatively to take on one and to respawn one, repeatedly.

WoW Leveling Cheat – Insta Respawn Monster

There are a couple stipulations to using this WoW Leveling Cheat. First, you need to be able to get to Azsuna, and take on the mobs. You will also need to be in a group. More on this later.

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