WoW Leveling Guide; Noob friendly

Listen, there are a few really good WoW Leveling Guide out there, but they aren't meant to for noobs. Instead, they are meant for people who want to level as quickly as possible to get to the end-game as quickly as possible. If thats your shtick, then please by all means, check out Dugi's WoW guides. I can't recommend them enough. But if you want to see what all the hype is about, for a game that basically came out in y2k (2000), then this WoW Leveling Guide, is meant for you.

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WoW Leveling Guide; Noob Friendly

Classic Questing zones: 

WoW Leveling Guide; Noob friendly

As you create your character - quest through your starting zone, they are pretty good. This does not concern Drenei, who should run to Darkshore as soon as you hit lvl 10, because your starting area is rather slow. Obviously, allied races start at 20 and skip this step entirely.

As soon as you hit 10 - spec into your levelling spec, the default one is not always the one you want. As soon as you hit 15, start queuing for dungeons.

You should try and quest efficiently - pulling several mobs if you can handle it, using your burst cooldowns while questing to kill everything faster. Many people would think that a 10-minute cooldown like Bloodlust is useless in open world, but you can do a "kill-15-mobs" quest in like 30 seconds if you pull a lot and use it. A free quest every 10 minutes is not that bad.

As soon as you hit lvl 20, 40 and 60 - go get riding skills. They speed up things a lot, so it's OK to go take a flight to the capitol to learn them.

For Alliance it's Lok'Modan, Redridge, Darkshore, Felwood, Stranglethorn (both parts), Plaguelands. Somewhere between 3 - 3.5 of these get you to 60 in like a 16 hours /played, if you queue for dungeons at the same time. I recommend dropping everything at 45 and going to Darkshore-Felwood if you didn't do them yet - they are literally the fastest levelling zones in the game right now, maybe only trumped by Silverpine.

For Horde Silverpine is OP, then you can head to Plaguelands, Stranglethorn or Felwood. Horde doesn't have as much fast zones as Alliance, and Eastern Kingdoms are much better than Kalimdor. I recommend Horde take a Zeppelin to Undercity and do Silverpine-Plaguelands, instead of suffering in something like Barrens.

I recommend staying in Classic until lvl 60, getting your flying (which you hould have gold for even if you have no main), and only then moving on to TBC and WotLK. Those expansions have big distances and are a chore without flying.

TBC/WotLK questing 

I do not recommend going for TBC, although I remember Hellfire peninsula to be decent, everything else is rather slow. Instead go for WotLK, Borean Thundra gets you levelled very fast, and then you can head straight for Icecrown at 67, which is also insanely fast, although admittedly has a few elite quests. You can go to Sholazar Basin alternatively. 2 zones should get you 60-80 no problem.

Once again, as soon as you hit 70 - I recommend to go and learn faster flying. This speeds up your questing A LOT, and is worth the time and gold. It will cost 4500 if you go to the capitol, or 5000 if you prefer Shattrath/Dalaran, because you will not have reputation with them at that point. This price will sadly be above what a totally new character can afford, if you don't have any Main. But you should go and buy flying as soon as you have enough money.


In Cata Hyjal and Vasj'ir are very good, but I would say Jade Forest still beats them. I'd recommend just questing Pandaria all the way to 90.


90-98 you can steamroll through in 2-3 hours by just flying around and collecting creasures, as well as doing bonus objectives. It's literally a 2-3 hour journey. You should not attempt questing, because mob scaling is pretty bad in Draenor and it will take you a long time to grind through it.

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15-98 you should always queue up for RANDOM dungeons. Quests don't matter as much, and really you'll get to do most of the dungeons as you level.

If your class can heal or tank - invest a couple of minutes into understanding and equipping those specs, and always queue as as many roles as your character can. You should only quest in-between dungeons, which for tanks/healers may mean that you would run dungeons almost exclusively. It's still a bit faster than questing, although not by a lot.

If you queue as a healer - take care to always have a stack of water of appropriate level. You can buy it at an innkeeper for next to nothing, but remember that it will become too low-lvl for you very fast, so you need to buy new water every 10-20 levels. Alternatively, you can buy a stack of every tier of water in Stormwind, and just always carry it with you. Another alternative, if you see a mage - always ask him (politely) to create a table for you. Grab 2-3 stacks so you have extra for the next runs.  

Do NOT queue for Cataclysm dungeons when you reach that level. They are much longer than Panda dungeons, and much more wipe-potent, for the same XP reward. They aren't worth it.  


From 98, you go and get your artifact. Then, in Legion you can go two ways:

If you want to level up as soon as possible (real-world time) - then just go and quest through 2 of the zones. I recommend Azsuna and Stormheim, provided you have flying, or Val'Sharah if you don't. Don't bother with Highmountain - it has a poor layout, lots of mountains that pose a problem even with flying, and are a nightmare without.

If you want to spend as little time on your alt as possible - just do Legion Invasions. You can use sites like ( to track when the next invasion will be. Log in, fly to the closest world quest, and once there - right-click on the quest's name in your quest log and "Find Group". Sign up for some group, or if there's none - just start your own immediately, and people will come to you. It is 10 times faster to do invasion quests in a group. Once that particular quest is complete - leave the group, and fly to the next one, where you should find another group. Don't expect the group from one world quest to follow you to the next. Then you simply log out until next invasion. You can do 1-2 invasions a day, and each invasion will give you about a level or 1.5 of experience, if you have full heirloom gear. Each invasion will take about 20 minutes.

In any case, while you do your leveling in Legion - prioritize Class Hall campaign. You'll need it for a lot of things anyway. Just do your class hall quests as soon as you get them, if you can - you'll get a bit of XP too.

Post-110 & Gearing

So you dinged 110 using this WoW Leveling Guide, congrats. With the method described above, your gear will be pretty basic, because you last properly quested in Pandaria. So now it's time to bump up your gear levels. Follow these quick tips to getting geared up post 110.

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That's pretty much it. Your character should be ready to farm his endgame gear in raids and M+ at this point, but that's a matter for another guide. 

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WoW Leveling Guide; Noob friendly guide written by Jack_85

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