WoW: Manaview WoW Addons Suite Full Download


  • Tear through quests to reach level cap 12x faster
  • Make 30,000g daily on autopilot
  • Bust up charts and dominate end game raiding and high-bracket arenas
  • Increase DPS, healing output, and survivability in raids and PVP

Tycoon, Booster, Edge, Impulse and Manacore updated for 5.4!

Please buy the complete Manaview, and support further development of this addon suite


Last Updated : 10/18/2013



Last Updated : 11/04/2013


Last Updated : 09/21/2013


Last Updated : 10/18/2013

Last Updated : 10/18/2013


Dreagar wrote :
All the addons have been updated for the new version of wow. Tycoon had a bunch of new items added including Battle Pets. The other addons will be updated with information on new spells and skills and glyphs asap, i had to wait to ensure i'm getting the proper spellID's which aren't set in stone until Blizzard puts out a patch. Watch for those to come out in the coming week.


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