WoW Offsets

WoW OffsetsIf you're making bots or game hacks, these WoW Offsets are an integral part of that process. Whether you are using them to read memory, or to manipulate it and thus the game, knowing the precise locations makes is an easier task. While we are providing these offsets to you, it will be up to you to either update them within a pre-made hack or bot, or to make your own. We will not provide guidance on how to do this.

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WoW Offsets


1C76D70 LocalPlayerGUID
1C76D80 LocalPlayerName
972B20 CastSpellbyID
90E2C0 InteractUnit
972750 CastSpellByName
972600 GetShapeshiftFromCooldown
9724E0 CastShapeshiftForm
972340 GetShapeshiftFormInfo
972320 CancelShapeshiftForm
9722D0 GetShapeshiftFormID
972290 GetShapeshiftForm
972260 GetNumShapeshiftForms
9721A0 HasPetSpells
971A50 GetSpecsForSpell
971DE0 IsSpellClassOrSpec
9718B0 IsSpellInRange
971740 SpellHasRange
9716A0 IsConsumableSpell
9715B0 IsHarmfulSpell
9714C0 IsHelpfulSpell
976B10 IsUsableSpell
976A00 IsAutoRepeatSpell
973350 IsSpellKnown
973890 IsPlayerSpell
9764C0 CastSpell
9761A0 DisableSpellAutocast
9760E0 EnableSpellAutocast
975B90 GetSpellCooldown
9751E0 GetSpellDescription
9742B0 GetSpellCharges
974980 GetSpellRank
Wow.exe+1004C3C NameCacheNext
Wow.exe+1040DCC ObjMgr

Credit to user ferib for the WoW offsets.

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