WoW Paladin Guide – WoD Updated

WoW Paladin Guide T17

WoW Paladin Guide T17The other day, I had a friend get this WoW Paladin Guide. I did this because he told me he was having some problems playing his new Paladin. He has done up against them plenty of times in Arenas and Battlegrounds, always to be shot down on his rogue. So, he decided to play a Paladin, so he could learn the class to better compete against them. But here lies the problem, he doesnt have a WoW Paladin Guide to lead him on the ins and outs of this class. So as he plays, he adapts his WoW Paladin to how he plays his rogue. The problem is, you can't play a Paladin exactly like a rogue and expect to learn the class. You have to start at the bottom, and learn everything new. While it's possible, when you play the same class for so long, learning a different class, will take a lot longer. This length of time for my friend to learn isn't feasible for most people. 

WoW Paladin Guide - WoD Updated

If you haven't played Warlords of Draenor yet and you play a Paladin, then you're going to need this WoW Paladin Guide. Many things have changed in the game since Mists of Pandaria were released, and knowing how they affect your WoW Paladin, is going to take some getting used to. Of course having this WoW Paladin Guide to teach you the changes, is going to also help you in the long run.

WoW Paladin Guide Highlights

  • Learn to reach level cap in 10 days' time with both Alliance and Horde Paladins
  • Step-by-Step guide about the armor and weapons that you should own
  • Extreme talent builds that make all others obsolete
  • Integral walk-throughs for all important Paladin quests
  • Complete set of macros and add-ons used by cutting-edge raiders, power-levelers and PvP'ers
  • Paladin Tactics to perfection in groups
  • Annihilate every class with ease using mathematically proven anti-class tactics
  • Earn a treasure with Paladin-only gold-making strategies

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