WoW: Producing Cost Effective Heavenly Shards

written by mageshadow

Heavenly Shards have risen in price on my server so I started to think of ways to produce cost effective heavenly shards to either sell them raw or use them for enchants. I stumbled upon is a gold mine! There are multiple items that you can craft/buy and then DE for heavenly shards that will yield you profit.

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First of all enchanting materials are still in a relatively high demand due to patch 4.1. With patch 4.2 well on it's way you can expect an even higher demand for these shards thus producing cost effective heavenly shards is an extremely well way to make gold.

The item that you'll be crafting if possible will be Stormforged Shoulders. They require 2 folded obsidium and 8 Elementium bars. Ore at the moment is absurdly low on most servers, thus allowing me to craft these for under 30g per shoulder. It's basically 40-50g profit per heavenly shard produced. To me, this is the best item to use to produce cheap heavenly shards.

That's basically the only item that I managed to find that's cost effective to DE into heavenly shards. You can try to craft some Blue JC rings by crafting the nightstone & hessonite jc rings/necks. While the chance to "proc" a blue ring/neck is relatively low ( about 1 in 20 ) you'll be essentially be crafting a heavenly shard for under 20g.

A valid strategy is to check the AH for blue quality items at the AH that DE 100% into heavenly shards. Check the tailoring pvp gear, I found that most of it sells for way below craft costs with some of them sometimes under 50g. You can also buy the above mentioned blue JC rings/necks. People AH these for 30-50g and there are loads of them posted at the AH at any given time.

Craft those stormforged shoulders and check the AH for items that are listed for below their DE value! You can make heaps of gold by doing so!

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