WoW Realmlist Changer

WoW Realmlist ChangerIf you like too play on various private servers as well as official servers, then this WoW Realmlist Changer will make it a lot easier to do. It's a simple tool, which changes the realmlist and manages them for you.

WoW Realmlist Changer

You simply add the various servers you wish to be able to login to to the file titled r.txt, following the examples of the various formats, press a key to set it, then login to the game, on your correct server.

Please remember to logout completely and close the game in it's entirety before logging back into official servers, especially if you use game hacks and bots on private servers. The World of Warcraft server will remember misdeeds on other servers and ban you, as though you had done it on official servers otherwise. Source: Happened to me many years ago. 

Download WoW Realmlist Changer

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WoW Realmlist Changer Instructions

To Run WoW Realmlist Changer:

  1. Download files (see above)
  2. Put all files into your wow folder (where your Realmlist is located).
  3. Run Realmlist Changer.exe.
  4. Select and Done.
  5. Launch WoW.

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If you want to add different or change realmlists, open the R.txt and Add, or Remove which ever you want.

All credit to the original author of this WoW Realmlist Changer.

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