WoW Sandbox Exploration Find

This WoW Sandbox Exploration Find, was found under Alcaz Island. It is not currently on live servers and may or may not have been there in previous patches (no real way to tell), or if it is up and coming as an area.

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WoW Sandbox Exploration Find

And after you're done watching the video on the WoW Sandbox Exploration Find, you can also check out a couple embarrassing screenshots in the Everbloom dungeon. Why are they embarrassing, because of this white cube which can usually be found when exploring underground, but never above ground.

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Please note that the following screenshots are on a live server, not in a sandbox like the video above.

Everbloom was built on early Gorgrond terrain, so it's not all too surprising to see these placeholders still hanging around out there. Rank = garrison building level, and position = spawning spot for the building. So these are considered phased blocks from a garrison, which occupy the same place.

Also, if you have ever looked under a garrison building, you will see the same bottom, blank face, which is the bottom of the block.

WoW Sandbox Exploration Find

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Thanks to Madorisiath for the screenshots, Nyarly for the explanation of the block being part of the garrison on a phased map, and Combusted for the video - which is all part of this WoW Sandbox Exploration Find.

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