WoW: That’s Abominable! exploit

  1. Pick up the quest in Icecrown named: That's Abominable!
  2. Kill an abomination to get guts.
  3. Summon your abomination.
  4. You can either hearthstone or teleport to Dalaran. The abomination will port with you. You can even be summoned.
  5. Now find a busy location and explode it. You will see all nearby people flying everywhere - if you use on the edge near the flight master, you might luck out, and get someone to foll to their death as well, to the valley below.

You can pretty much take the abomination to any where in Northrend ie Wintersgrasp šŸ˜‰ This is not tested with Instances yet.Ā Ā  Anyone for a Gunship Battle?

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