WoW: The end of Hallow’s End event

Today's the end of the Hallow's End event.  Hopefully you got whatever achievements, quests, or items you were seeking.  Perhaps you went through and got the gold/xp out of all the candy buckets.  Or ran the Heroic Headless Horseman event, countless times.  If you're reading this, before it ends, then get on your arse's and get something done.

So far, I have the Sword, the Sinister Squashling (pet), and the helmet (3 armor o.O), plus countless wands.  I think the sword is the most cool things, simply because you can send 6 Sinister Squashlings to burn your enemies.  Though I was dissapointed that the stats hadn't gone up from last year.

Did anyone get the mount?  Of all the items, that's the one I still haven't gotten that I would love to have.  If you got it, please share a screenshot.

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