WoW: The Scam of Buying time from a RAF account


So if you Refer-a-Friend, and they purchase a subscription and add full keys to the account, then you in turn get 30 days of play time. Perhaps you’ve heard of this? People sell the 30 days worth of time, and you might pay $10 for it, maybe even less. Seems like a good deal, right? It’s actually a scam.

Now this scam, doesn’t hurt you, but it’s a scam never-the-less. It works a bit differently then scams which interfere directly with you. You see, you buy the time, and you get it, no scam, right? Actually, while you aren’t the one being scammed, it is a scam, and I am going to explain how it works.

First off, lets look at how RAF actually works.

How can I earn the free 30 day credit?

For each friend or family member you refer who upgrades to a retail version of World of Warcraft and purchases 30 days of game time via a subscription or game card, you will receive a credit for 30 days of free game play.

When will I earn this 30 day credit?

Your account will receive 30 days of free game play after an upgraded recruit’s payment finalizes for their purchased game time. In cases where a recruit sets up a subscription plan, their payment will not initiate until after any game time they currently have expires. This includes the free 30 days of game time that comes with the retail version of World of Warcraft.

Can I earn multiple 30 day credits with the Recruit a Friend promotion?

Yes!  These rewards will be given to you for each account you refer that meets the criteria listed above.

So now, let’s go over the scam itself.

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If you don’t want to be part of the problem, be a part of the solution. Do yourself and fellow players a favor and either pay the full price to authorized resellers or just play a Free2Play game like Rift.


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