WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches – October 2017

Here's a list of WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches which are working as of October 2017 in World of Warcraft. There are a few stipulations, like having one of the toys needed, but I guess that's a bit obvious. 😉 You will see what I mean.

WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches

  1. Shard Of Archstone 0:30
  2. Narcissa's Mirror 1:25
  3. Shushen's Spitoon and Jim Warmkeg's Brew 3:14
  4. Blue Crashin' Thrashin' Racer 4:51
  5. Foxicopter Controller 5:50
  6. Panflute of Pandaria 7:27
  7. Darkmoon Seesaw 9:21
  8. Turnip Punching Bag 10:33
  9. Al-Li's Skymirror 11:26
  10. Logan Heath under Dalaran method

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Additional WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches 

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Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide

Credit to all the exploiters who found the WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches.

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