WoW Winterspring Gold Trick 15k/hour

WoW Winterspring Gold Trick

There is a new WoW Winterspring Gold Trick,WoW Winterspring Gold Trickthat very few people know about. It will allow you to farm anywhere from 10k to 20k an hour. What you do with the gold is up to you, but keep in mind this is new and few people know about it for now. Once it becomes common knowledge and the markets get flooded, then the profits will drop steadily.

WoW Winterspring Gold Trick 15k/hour

This is a very simple easy to farm WoW Winterspring Gold Trick and can be repeated on multiple servers. I expect it will work much easier on servers with lower populations. We will begin by farming some relatively low level mobs, at about level 50. So a Deathknight should work fairly well on them, but you can use higher level toons for easier farming if you like.

Most people don't realize that it has started dropping again, which is why it's a great WoW Winterspring Gold Trick. This item was horded and sold for 25k when the item stopped dropping. It will still be on people's AH watchlist, so they will automatically pick it up, if you list it for 5k to 10k.  Just make sure you don't flood the market with this item, list one item, maybe 2, but under different character names. List on one character for 15k-20k and another at 5k-10k. Do not buy out other people's auctions to keep the item artificially inflated. If anyone else is doing it on your server, then try listing another day, or farm on another server.

If you are a WoW gold seller, then this WoW Winterspring Gold Trick will probably work better then current bot farming, but only for a small time, till it becomes well known...

Happy Farming!


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