WoWEdit Fan Remake

This WoWEdit Fan Remake is a useful tool to those who like to explore World of Warcraft with an insider's view of the entire world. But it doesn't stop there. If you like messing with the wire frames, you can use it to re-imagine World of Warcraft if your own image.

WoWEdit Fan Remake

Many of the original hacks for World of Warcraft were made using the original WoWEdit. Someone took the original meshes and made a sunken hiding spot underneath towers which needed to be captured in Vanilla WoW. Since no one else had the edit, the person was able to claim towers without being seen.

The original trip to GM Island was a land bridge. Now you still got hit with fatigue, but a level one nightelf priest could run across the land bridge and fully heal himself to get there.

Additionally, there were screen edits to hit unexplored and undeveloped locations within World of Warcraft using complete map replacements which you could access simply by taking a ship or zepplin.

I am not 100% certain, but I think it would be possible to use this in World of Warcraft with a non-teleporting bot, to advertise in World of Warcraft as well, in one of the major cities like Stormwind and Orgrimmar. All it would take would be first making a level 1 character (several of them) creating a path for the bots to go and to simply drop through the ceiling to their death. Since no teleportation would be involved, could be fairly easy and cheap to do.

This is what the future of this WoWEdit Fan Remake could accomplish, but of course like any fan project, it will always be under development, and this one is no different. However, being a work in progress doesn't mean it's not working or released. In fact you can use it to explore all of the expansions.

Understanding WoWEdit Fan Remake 

To understand the WoWEdit Fan Remake, we need to delve into what makes all this work...

Using 3D Ripper DX, the author took the mesh and texture data that is sent to the video card and imported it into 3DS Max to get a better look on how it's handled.

Starting with the WoD approach, which is what the author is currently using in his software. The snapshots he's taken were at High settings (not Ultra). With the Warlords expansion, they've introduced a completely new LoD system that exponentially increases performance, allowing greater view distances to be achieved. The main factor being the Maptextures, which from what he noticed, will reduce terrain draw calls from 7000 to 500, as an example. While the mesh itself only has 2 LoD states in the WoD client, the terrain material has 3. He's drawn over this image, showing the 3 material states based on distance from camera (or shader if you will).

WoWEdit Fan Remake


Low - indicating untextured terrain drawn in the distance, with a single low resolution mesh per block.
Medium - high density meshes made out of 2 by 2 chunks, using the baked maptextures. One maptexture will be used by a whole block, combining all its meshes into one draw call.
High - high density meshes, and the layered terrain shader. They use a bit of draw call batching by atlassing adjacent alpha maps, up to ~8, based on the tile textures order.

The Medium and High LoD's can be observed better in this image:

WoWEdit Fan Remake

Blue indicating the layered textures material, and yellow indicating the prebaked maptextures. You can also see the layered chunks as they are batched together with adjacent ones (Blue). The blue meshes material appears this way because he didn't take the time to rewrite the shader into 3DS max just for this study. But the data was there to confirm what that was:

WoWEdit Fan Remake

He also discovered how the skybox is handled. This is the Skybox Model, introduced in mists, not the procedural one that is behind it.

WoWEdit Fan Remake

The textured skybox model appears to be loaded at the camera position and inherits its movement, while the shader draws it behind everything else, and in front of the parametric sky color. Which is the same method he will be approaching.

Playing with WoWEdit Fan Remake

Here's a video showing off moving around within World of Warcraft. Of course more will come in time.

WMO's are a work in progress, while they load instantly on older maps, such as Cataclysm and Mists, they take forever to load on WoD, Legion, BfA maps due to the insane amount that they added. So that definitely needs improving first.

Download WoWEdit Fan Remake

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WoWEdit Fan Remake project headed up by CucFlavius. All credit to the author.

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