Wowhead Legion Launch Scavenger Hunt – Answers!

Wowhead Legion Launch Scavenger Hunt - Answers! In honor of LEGION being released, WoWhead is having a hunt with the potential for prizes. And below, we are giving you all the answers, so that you can join easily (with multiple accounts?), so that you have a chance to win some of the hunt prizes.

The Burning Legion is here; it's been two weeks since Legion went live. Now is the chance to show you've researched the Broken Isles and are ready to fight back!
We've teamed up with the Blizzard Gear Shop for Legion-themed prizes and a scavenger hunt to remember.
Are you prepared? Grab your  Elixir of Demonslaying and double-jump around Wowhead's database if you want to win!
The contest begins on September 13, 2016 and ends on September 20th, 2016 at 11:59PM PDT.
Participants will have ten possible chances to enter the drawing.

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Wowhead Legion Launch Scavenger Hunt - Answers!

Wowhead Legion Launch Scavenger Hunt - Answers!The prizes which you have a chance at winning are the following;

How To Win

So how do you play? 10 Fel Flame are hidden in WoWhead's database and it's up to you to find them before the holiday week is over - good news however, the answers are listed below. For every clue you answer by visiting its respective database entry, you'll get entered into the contest through unlocking a special holiday Wowhead achievement. The achievement can be earned up to ten times meaning you have ten chances to win. 

Just make sure you login, and then visit each of the links below. We suggest you goto WoWhead's main site, login and then open each link seperately. Each link will automatically open in a new window, unless you have overrides set up in your browser. To monetize this, we are using links. Just press the top right corner and choose  SKIP AD . You may need to shut off AdBlock temporarily, but Ghostery works just fine.

Official "Rules" for the Wowhead Legion Launch Scavenger Hunt

  • This contest is open anywhere that residents are legally allowed to participate in contests. If we can't ship to your country, for whatever reason, we may opt to provide an equally valued digital option.
  • We'll cover the initial shipping cost of the prize but we're not responsible for tariffs fees, customs or other taxes due upon arrival. If you win and can't accommodate these potential costs (we cannot provide estimates), let us know and we'll figure out an equivalent digital option.
  • No one may win more than one prize. While you might enter multiple times (10), you can't walk away with two or more prizes.
  • You may only enter with one Wowhead account. The use of multiple Wowhead accounts will result in disqualification and/or a ban from the site.
  • If you win, the contest page will be edited to include your Wowhead username and you will be contacted via the email address associated with that account. You must ensure your contact information is current as you will only have 14-days to respond to that email to claim your prize. If you don't receive an email but your name is listed in the winner's list, please reach out to Don't be left empty handed because you were unprepared.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any fraudulent entry.
  • Full rules and FAQ here.

Wowhead Legion Launch Scavenger Hunt - Clues and Answers!

For those who want to figure out the answers, we have hidden them behind spoilers. Use this wowhead cheat sheet, only if you need it, or are an impatient sod, like me.

  1. Never be a bore at a party with his toy. With a handful of illusions you'll be the all the rave!
  2. This fine feathered friend was a big help and continues to be in your world quests! An homage to Harry Potter fans.


  3. A being of wonderous, wisdom, and your very side! You can even put a pet leash on this item!
  4. Using this toy while battling Millificent Manastorm could have painful consequences...and make her REALLY mad!
  5. These creatures are found everywhere in the sewers, but none as large as this. Earn its favor by slaying friend or foe...when the guards turn a closed eye.


  6. An Orc of old who travelled many lands, even hiding on the Broken Shore won't let him escape the whispers that haunt him.


  7. This character in this quest may feel shamed but that doesn't stop him from being impressed with our artifact...even if it's painful to be hit by.

    Runas the shamed 

  8. What song do the Stormdrakes of Stormheim like?
  9. "Goggles, Satchel, Cuteness? Check!" Finding this traveler will award this achievement.
  10. This gnome must be down right mad to have the audacity to have such prices!

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