WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt Answers

WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt AnswersThe WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt, ends in 2 days, and now is your chance to get in on the action. I have listed the questions and right below them, the answers. 

For anyone who is too lazy to look around for the WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt answers,within the database. EVERYONE should do this even if you don't play WoW, because lets face it, if you win the WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt, you can resell your prize. I for one could use an extra couple hundred, from selling a Felldrake, Blizzcon ticket, or any of the other neat prizes.

To complete the WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt, you will need to create a WoWHead account, if you don't already have one. Make an account, verify it, and login.

WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt Prizes

  • 1x
  • 10x
  • 15x
  • 50x

We've expanded our prizes to now include 10 BlizzCon Virtual Tickets. New to 2015, they can be gifted!

The Virtual Ticket comes with access to all BlizzCon streams, in-game goodies for all games like Murkidan, access to the special BlizzCon Sale--and new to 2015--the option to pre-purchase the Goody Bag. More details here.

So how do you play? 15 Fel Flame are hidden in our database and it's up to you to find them before the holiday week is over. We'll provide you the clues, but you'll have to do the rest of the sleuthing on your own.

How to Play WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt

For every clue you answer by visiting its respective database entry, you'll get entered into the contest through unlocking a special holiday Wowhead achievement. The achievement can be earned up to fifteen times meaning you have fifteen chances to win.

Participating is as easy as reading the riddles and going on a hunt through Wowhead's database while logged in. Use your own resources and get creative while looking for the answers; try searching for various keywords found in the clues and remember that Google is always your friend.

And if you get stuck, don't despair--some of them are hard while some are easy, so everyone should be able to get at least one entry into this contest!

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WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt Answers (and questions)

Here are the fifteen clues for the 15 Fel Flames and the WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt Answers:

  1. Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted--at least, that's probably a sentiment this exiled Blood Elf Demon Hunter could agree with. If he weren't trying to kill us, we'd feel bad for him, but as it stands, he's a skilled combatant even if he can't seeus.
    Answer: Leotheras the Blind
  2. You don't have to train with Illidan to improve your heighten your senses nor do you have to wear his blindfold--this concoction gives you both!
    Answer: Four Senses Brew
  3. We were not prepared for this little guy. We know he's no Murky, but he is a pretty sweet reward. Too bad we have to wait a while for him, he's not even in-game yet!
    Answer: Murkidan
  4. Although Illidan was the villian in TBC, it's quite possible in Legion he'll be one of the good guys. This quest in which he uses his abilities to save Felwood might be a example of the side of Illidan we're about to see. Who knows, maybe there will be more information about Illidan this fall at BlizzCon?
    Answer: The Fall of Tichondrius
  5. If it weren't trifling gnomes, Trial of the Grand Crusader would've gone much smoother for everyone. How arrogant of then of this gnome to try to summon something he couldn't control--his spell certainly fizzled.
    Answer: Wilfred Fizzlebang
  6. If you're into Night Elf lore, this instance probably made you pretty happy. The fact that the instance had easter eggs centered around having some of Illidan's loot for players to experience? Well, that's just a bonus.
    Answer: Well of Eternity
  7. This legendary was the next legendary after Warglaives of Azzinoth. Unfortunately it's a little lackluster nowadays, considering its biggest benefit has long since been negated by changes to the game and how few players can actually get the achievement for having it.
    Answer: Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury
  8. This title was popular for a while in expansions past as it used to be a symbol of status--if you had it, you could freely spend money. Of course, the 1000 gold it costs is probably a pittance in today's economy.
    Answer: Of the Shattered Sun
  9. Demon Hunters are awesome! This particular one was a quest NPC who made us all suffer a little bit by asking us to ride a Netherdrake just long enough to realize how cool they were and how badly we wanted one.
    Answer: Altruis the Sufferer
  10. This reagent for crafting has all but vanished over the expansions; it's almost like all of those who knew its recipe died or something. At least one vendor still sells it in Feralas. In a way, it's fitting then that its name is spectral in nature, even if it's more practical than spooky.
    Answer: Ghost Dye
  11. These are probably the rarest plate shoulders in the game. Sadly, they were part of a limited armor set from a special event so getting them is impossible even for the most dedicated of players--for some reason they aren't on the BMAH. Those who got these shoulders certainly were blessed.
    Answer: Blessed Spaulders of Undead Slaying
  12. It only took Ghostcrawler actually leaving Blizzard for us to get this mount. But hey, a promise fulfilled is a promise fulfilled.
    Answer: Grove Warden
  13. We're particularly excited for Hallow's End this October. We just really want to see our tiny friend enjoying the festivities in this outfit!
    Answer: A Tiny Scarecrow Costume
  14. Like many items Griftah sells, this fine off-hand was just a useless vessel for flavor text. Once it was removed from the game in patch 2.3, however, its price has sky-rocketed and it became quite valuable.
    Answer: Fine Poking Stick
  15. If you look at the map in the original WoW cinematic, half of this Kalimdor zone is missing on the map which bugs many players who pay attention to detail. Apparently the area didn't exist at the time of the trailer's creation which is hard to imagine, given that it houses two of the game's most iconic instances. Of course, at launch, it was pretty barren so it makes sense.
    Answer: Silithus

WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt Want another reason to do the WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt? If you get the Blizzcon virtual ticket, you will also get virtual pets within World of Warcraft. If you hold on to them, they tend to go up in price each year, with mounts being worth $150-$250 and non-combat pets being worth $25-$75. I'd say this is a great reason to do the WoWHead Legion Scavenger Hunt, wouldn't you?

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