Wowhead’s 2016 Holiday Giveaway Answers

Wowhead's 2016 Holiday Giveaway AnswersEvery year, WoWhead gives away prizes. In order to qualify for the gifts however, they make you scavenge or figure out Wowhead's 2016 Holiday Giveaway Answers, in order to qualify you for a prize. So instead of making you hunt for the answers, we've done the work for you, and all you need to do is login in WoWhead, and then click on each of the links in order to enter into the prize pool.

This year, we hid each of the answers behind a spoiler, so that you can choose which answers you want to be given, and which you want to try to figure out yourself.

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 Wowhead's 2016 Holiday Giveaway Answers 

Open each of the various spoilers after the "Clue" to get the answer. Click on it, after logging into WoWhead to qualify for a prize. More info on the Holiday Giveaway can be found in their Wowhead News.

 1.  Greatfather Winter will be "overwatching" to see who is naughty and nice! Maybe you'll get this*amazing*toy as a gift under the*Winter Veil*tree this year.


 2.  Birds of a*feather*flock together and you can reunite this*snowy*mount with their baby hatchling through an adorable quest series.


Snowfeather Hunter 


 3.  By fiber be purged! Taste the flavors of Sulfuron! While you can't get the cereal in game, you can get this*achievement*named after one of the community's most long-lastingRagnaros*jokes.


 4.  Who would have known that Xavius was such a fashionable*satyr? These unique*shoulders*are the perfect transmog statement.


 5.  Bored of hanging out at the Hearthstone tavern? Head out for an epic party*one night*with Medivh! You might even get a new mount.


 6.  Looking good sometimes requires a little*corruption*and a lot of time. For this*weapon appearance, you'll have to PvP, hunt a rare spawn, and even fish for hours.


 7.  These types of*posts*make us smile and bring joy to our day! You can make other players*happy*too by picking some up at the start of the Horde Broken Shore quest.


Happy Post 


 8.  Are you missing whelpling or murloc pets in your collection? Fear not, with this*toy*you can*simulate*the appearance of many critters to have them by your side!


 9.  What's better than this fashionable*tabard? Equipping it so you can purchase even more transmogs at the Darkmoon Faire! Everyone around you will be*scarlet*with envy.

 10.  Even if you're*gullible*and feel*ripped off*by*goblins*after completing these quests, you get a special title and this achievement for your troubles.

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Prizes this year for completing Wowhead's 2016 Holiday Giveaway Answers are as follows!

If you aren't a member of WoWHead already, it's probably a good idea to go ahead and make an account, and then use these Wowhead's 2016 Holiday Giveaway Answers to enter into the contest. Who knows, you might win something you can sell on eBay or even upgrade your computer...

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