Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide v6 – Free Download

Instead of making an addendum to my other Zygor Post(s), I wanted to make a whole new thread just for let you know how important this new release of Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide really is.

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Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide Released

This Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide is an entirely new beast. It's smaller in terms of memory, responds faster, and is also redesigned to be better overall with better flight patch navigation, and better waypoints as well.

Which Guides come included in Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide v6?

  • Zygor Elite LEGION WoW GuideLeveling and Loremaster Guide
  • Dungeon and Gear Guide
  • Dailies and Reputations Guide
  • Gold and Professions Guide
  • Auction Trend data for all your servers (available here)
  • Pets and Mounts Guide
  • Titles and Achievements Guide

There is no other WoW Guide like Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide, which is why we feature it some much here. None of the others compare with this hard working team, which is why you really should buy this guide. But if you can't, there are options for you as well.

Zygor WoW Guide

Download Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide
v6.1.17315 Jan 16th,2018

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use adf.ly to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).

Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide Instructions

Unzip to your Interface folder in World of Warcraft. This Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide contains no historical data (Except Stormscale).  If you want historical data for other realms (Gold Guides) you can get them here.

If you want to compare this Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide with Dugi's guide, you can get it here.

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