Zynga: What’s the Phrase strategies & cheats


What's the Phrase is a play on the Wheel of Fortune TV Show. Unfortunately for Zynga, I am a true exploiter and have learned 4 cheats and 5 strategies which help you to win the game almost every time, wrecking havoc on all of your opponents.

Let's start with some basic strategies.

Guide written by Spitt of mmoexploiters.com, reposting of this guide without permission or credit, prohibited.

Building Words

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Back in my guide for Words with Friends, I discussed ways to build words. These are common ways to look at how words are created and understanding some of the basics of words. For example If you have a C in the beginning of a word, there are 4 combinations which will likely occur. C-H, C-L, C-R or C-vowel. While this doesn't help you a lot, it does tell you that you won't likely see other iterations like C-W, C-K (in the beginning at least), C-Y does happen, as in Cyst, but it's not a usual combination. Basic word building will help you to understand what you are looking at.

Using Vowels

I don't like using vowels very often. The amount of coins you get for winning 1 game, does not equal the amount of vowels you can use in 3 games. Also, vowels do take a spin turn away from you, unlike Wheel of Fortune. So usually for me, I try to not use a vowel, unless the consonants are all gone and I still can't figure out what a phrase is.

Most used letters

There are sets of consonant letters which should always be tried first, but do not have to be in this order (T, N, S, H, R, D). It's just that these letters show up more often then anything else. Below you will also find a letter breakdown for words used in the English language (click to enlarge).


Throwing out letters

If a game is pretty well guessed, and I can't quite figure out what the phrase is, on the 3rd spin, I will throw out an unlikely letter. This means I will throw out a Q, J, X, or Z. There are very few words which use these, so if I throw one of these out, then it might turn into a Hail Mary (longshot) and I get an extra letter... or I don't help out my competition. Either one is acceptable to me.

Choosing Categories

You will notice that when you play, that there are a few categories which you will be able to solve better then the competition. You should choose these to build up your points. But you should also occasionally venture into new categories. I like to do this when I am way ahead in points. If I have 20k points in 2 games, then I will choose a category which I am not very familiar with. For me, this will be athletes, singers, and actors/actresses.

So now, I have discussed many of my strategies for What's the Phrase. It's time to discuss a couple cheats I have found. I let people on our Facebook page know already that I was working on a couple cheats a couple days ago. One of them I partially revealed...

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